Graphing calculator

Graphing calculatorA graphing calculator is more than a simple calculator. He is able to draw graphs, solve equations and perform a variety of tasks. In our opinion, this tool should help you at home, office, car and etc.

The most popular graphing calculator can be programmed by the user thus creating the necessary programs. Usually it is used by scientists or engineers. Also, it is often used by pupils and students. With the help of a large screen this calculator can show you a few lines at a time and it can give an answer in a single screen.

Graphing Calculator facilities:

  • Computer algebra systems – some calculators have a computer algebra system (CAS), which is able to process the results and it can manipulate algebraic expressions, perform operations such as expansion, and streamline
  • Laboratory usage – these devices are used in laboratories because they can preserve information
  • Color – some graphing calculators are capable of color output. Feature animated and interactive drawing of math plots (2D and 3D)
  • Games – some of these fully programmable calculators are already adapted and used for gaming purposes. It is easy to install a game on your calculator. This function of calculators is extremely important because it attracts young people, especially students. They begin to take interest in programming. They can try to improve the game by reprogramming or they can create their own game

In conclusion

Nowadays graphing calculator is a great tool. We often face with a variety of tasks and we can’t be always able to provide a quick response to sudden questions. So this type of calculator can help in diverse situations. The calculator can be used by children. It can help to calculate, solve difficult tasks and learn programming. I believe that every family member has to own this amazing calculator.