TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator


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This is an unusual calculator that can take your breath away with its uncountable variety of functions. There is no doubt that any person can make his life easier with this calculator. It can help you through your studying or working process and in daily routine. This TI-89 Titanium calculator has so many useful functions that will help you to solve almost any mathematical task. It can easily perform various math, graphing 3-D rotation, graphs, matrices, calculus, statistical functions, and even creating animations, algebra, and plotting contours.

In addition to this,

Graphing calculator is capable to program, it contains statistical data plots, a split-screen function, a text edditor. TI-89 Titanium can also upgrade to new software versions so you won’t be needing to search for a new calculator. It is needless to say that this calculator has a spectacular memory. It includes 2.7 MB of flash memory and 188 KB of RAM. TI-89 is reliable and it works very fast. It really can save time during exams. Also, it is able to connect to computers or other calculators.  It has a programme called NoteFolio where you can keep notes on. You don’t have to do anything with your computer. It’s automatically on the Calculator.

It has a big 100 x 160 pixel display for split-screen views. People can clearly see the text on the screen in any kind of lightning terms. Protective cover keeps this calculator safe.

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This is a very powerful calculator. It will help you to solve dozens of mathematical problems. It is fast and it will help you to achieve high scores at your work or studies much faster. The symbols will be clearly seen in a large screen no matter what the lightning is. Life gets easier with an invention like this!

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